Now that we know branding isn’t just about a pretty logo and a fancy font, now that we know branding is about your whole customer experience, we can start to delve deeper into the reasons why your business needs a strong brand.

Unfortunately, many small businesses fail to think about this in a strategic way as the broad term “Branding” can feel so overwhelming. I get it.

I am going to talk about just a few reasons what having a strong brand can do for your business. Hopefully this helps you realise why you need strong branding for your small business.

  1. Recognition & Loyalty – Customers start to recognise your visuals and start to get to know you, they then start to trust and feel familiar with your company and brand and this, in turn, creates loyal customers.
  2. Credibility – You could be a one-woman show, working from the dining room table but having a strong professionally crafted visual identity makes you look the shit, makes you look like a successful leader in your field. Having a non-consistent, DIY looking visual identity screams to me, that you don’t take your business seriously and that perhaps you don’t really know what you are talking about.
  3. Charge your worth – With a strong brand that builds recognition and credibility you can now start charging what you are worth, you can position yourself as the industry expert in your field and charge accordingly.
  4. Branding boosts business confidence – Having a beautiful brand that you are proud to show off to the world gives you great confidence, it’s like getting your hair and makeup done and buying a fancy new frock that makes you look and feel amazing for your best friends wedding. This one really is a biggie, confidence is everything.

I have created a great little checklist for you that will guide you on what elements you need, to build a strong brand for your business. This is not a mandatory list, just a guide. There is also a worksheet at the end for you to list the items you still need to work on for your business.

I would love to hear what you think about my list, what are you nailing? what still needs work?

Get the checklist