Hello friend. I’m here today to explain exactly what branding is, as I’ve heard a lot of new start ups recently saying, “but yer, what do you actually mean when you say branding?”

So, let me start by telling you what branding isn’t. Branding is not just a pretty logo or a fancy font.

Branding is defined by how a client thinks and feels after interactions with your business. It is the brand experience, what the client thinks when they scroll your socials, what the client feels after having an email interaction with you, what the client thinks of your business after a phone conversation. What their overall experience is like, when using your service or buying your product.

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” – Seth Godin

So to be more specific your brand is all of the following elements:

  • Your Brand Voice
  • Your Brand Personality
  • Your Visual Identity

To start this process of brand discovery, I highly recommend getting crystal clear on who your ideal client is. You may be tempted to answer that question with, “well just about everyone” but the benefits of niching and getting very specific on who your ideal client is will hugely impact your tone of voice and your brand personality. Think about it, if you area professional B2B brand you are probably don’t going to use a fun, quirky tone with lots of LOLS and ROFLS, IYKWIM.

3 Things You Can Do Now To Better Your Brand

  1. Dive deep into who your ideal client is, make sure you are talking to them in your marketing.
  2. Think about your brand personality, write a list of adjectives describing your brand, no more than 6. Inject that personality through your marketing.
  3. Make sure your visuals align with point 1 and 2.

Good luck with this! Let me know how you get on.